Welfare reform residents' stories

We’ve asked some of our residents to share their own personal stories about how the government’s welfare reform changes are affecting them.

Helen Andrews

“It’s so frustrating, I’m ready to move”

Helen Andrews has been hit by the under-occupation penalty (or ‘bedroom tax’) since her children left home. With no suitable homes nearby she has to decide between leaving her job and her community of 23 years or struggle to pay.

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Welfare reform case study Gary Hughes

“We can’t share, so ‘bedroom tax’ is unfair”

Former bus driver Gary Hughes lives in a three-bedroom bungalow in Basingstoke, Hampshire, with his wife and son. He believes the government’s new under-occupation penalty (or ‘bedroom tax’) is hitting them unfairly.

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Alan and Samantha Jackson

HomeSwapper helps couple hit by ‘bedroom tax’

Due to lose 14% of their housing benefit in April through the ‘bedroom tax’, and with limited housing available in the local area, Alan and Samantha Jackson felt forced to leave their community in Chippenham.

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Welfare reform case study Linda Jarrell

“I’m losing sleep over losing my home”

Linda Jarrell, from Mortimer in Berkshire, is 60 and suffers from chronic rheumatoid arthritis. She is considered to have two spare rooms and stands to lose £30 a week through the ‘bedroom tax’.

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Welfare reform case study Penny Farley

Taking action to avoid ‘bedroom tax’ cuts

Penny Farley took the difficult decision to leave the two-bedroom house that was her home
for 10 years, when she realised she wouldn’t be able to afford her rent once welfare reform changes came into effect.

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Martyn Bradley 100x100

‘Future-proofing’ move causes shattering choice

Martyn is a wheelchair user and the extra room in his bungalow was meant to be in case he needed a live-in carer. A cut in Housing Benefit as a result of the under-occupation penalty means he faces having to move or let his carers go.

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