Repairs service

Your repairs service

If anything in your home breaks or needs fixing, you can use our repairs and maintenance service.

How to report a repair

If you have an emergency repair, don’t report it online or in writing – please call us right away instead.

Phone us to request a repair using the number for your region below:

  • Berkshire - 0800 587 2325
  • Devon and borders - 0800 587 2325
  • Dorset - 01202 460460
  • Hampshire - 0800 988 4858
  • Oxfordshire and borders - 0300 500 0926
  • West of England - 0800 587 2325

Report it online through

Write to us or visit our offices to report it in person – visit our Contact us page to find the details for your nearest office. 

The more information you can give us the better, so we can diagnose your problem and prepare our contractors or employees to fix it.

How we’ll deal with your repair

We’ll put your request into one of these three categories, depending on how urgent it is:

  • Emergency - Incidents that could seriously damage your health or the property will be classed as emergencies, and are dealt with within 24 hours. These include severe flooding, gas leaks or complete electrical failure.
  • Routine - For all non-emergency jobs we will offer an appointment within a 20 day timeframe.
  • Planned – If several properties have a similar non-urgent problem, we’ll carry out the repair as part of a planned home improvements programme. Take a look at our planned improvements page for more information.

Did you know you can see the status of your repair online? Log on to MySovereign to find out more.

If you need an emergency repair

Our emergency repairs service operates every day of the year, 24 hours a day. If you have an emergency outside normal office opening hours, call us right away.

If you provide misleading or false information that makes us believe your repair is an emergency when it’s not, we’ll charge you for the call-out.

Your repairs appointment

We’ll make an appointment to carry out your repair. Please clear any area our operatives might need to access for this visit. Read more about giving us access to your home.

If you can no longer make the appointment, please let us know so we can free up the slot for someone else who is waiting.

If you’re out when we call, we’ll leave a card with instructions on how to rebook your appointment.

Please make sure there’s a responsible adult over the age of 18 there when we arrive – if there’s not we won’t be able to carry out the repair and will have to re-book the appointment.

All our contractors and employees work to a Code of Conduct. We expect them to work in a professional way and without causing any unnecessary disruption. If you are unhappy with how they conduct themselves please tell us. For more information, read our contractors fact sheet [pdf / 50KB].

If your repair is delayed

We always aim to carry out repairs as quickly as possible. But sometimes delays can’t be avoided, for example if we’re having difficulty getting the parts we need, or if the weather is too bad to carry out the work. We’ll contact you as soon as possible if we need to rearrange an appointment.

The cost of your repair

We take responsibility for repairing and maintaining your home and we carry out most repairs completely free of charge. In general, we’re responsible for taking care of the structure of your home, any communal areas and the fixtures and fittings we’ve provided.

However, we will charge you for the cost of repairing any damage you are responsible for, including any damage that you, your family or visitors cause by accident, carelessness or neglect.

For a full explanation of exactly what you’re responsible for, and what we’re responsible for, download our repairs responsibilities fact sheet [pdf / 205KB].

Once your repair is complete

If you’ve got any queries or feedback about the service you receive, please tell us.

We monitor the quality of repairs against our service standards [pdf / 592KB], and also by carrying out inspections and satisfaction surveys on a number of completed repairs to make sure the work has been done correctly and to an acceptable standard.