planned improvements

Our planned improvements

We have a dedicated team who plan the improvements your property will need in the future. These improvements include things like refurbishments, re-wiring and replacing kitchens, bathrooms, doors and windows.

In 2017/18 we invested £83 million in our homes - 70% on planned works. This included upgrading:

  • 1,700 kitchens and bathrooms
  • 1,600 boilers and heating systems
  • 2,700 external doors and windows

… as well as planning and carrying out a range of regular or recurring work like grounds maintenance, tree surveys and gas and electrical testing.

We plan your improvements based on the information we have about your home. We carry out ongoing surveys to check the condition of our properties and help us gather that information so we can make sure we're doing the right things at the right time. If we think improvements may be needed to your home we'll get in touch to arrange an initial survey visit.

After your improvements have been completed

We monitor the quality of our planned improvements by checking a percentage of improvements after they've been completed. Every month we also contact a sample of people who've recently had work done and, last year, 94% were satisfied. 

We always welcome other feedback too so, if you have any questions or comments about the service you've received, please contact us.