Looking after your home

Looking after your home

We want you to settle in to your home as quickly as possible, and live there happily. In this section you will find useful pages and fact sheets that will help you get to know your home, and understand how to use the equipment and facilities that come with it.

  • You'll need to know where essential equipment such as your fusebox is, and how to use it. See our getting to know your home fact sheet for more about this.
  • Learn about the health risks associated with legionella [add link to page] and asbestos [add link to page] what you can do to control those risks.
  • It's essential to know about gas and fire safety.
  • Your annual home safety check is important - you'll need to give us access to your property to carry this out each year. 
  • In case anything needs to be changed or fixed in your home, you should know about your responsibilities and your repairs service.
  • If you want to make changes in your home, you'll need to follow our guidance on your home improvements and DIY.