Grounds maintenance and cleaning

Grounds maintenance and cleaning

We're responsible for keeping any grounds around your home that we own, as well as any communal areas, clean and well-maintained.

We regularly assess the quality of grounds maintenance and cleaning and welcome your feedback on how we're doing. 

Our responsibilities

  • Repairing and maintaining our homes, grounds and communal areas.
  • We'll work to make sure our neighbourhoods are safe, completing repairs outside the home quickly.
  • Checking any contractors are doing a good job.


Your responsibilities

  • Looking after your home and garden (if you have one).
  • Reporting any repairs in your home, communal areas or neighbourhood quickly. 
  • Keeping communal areas tidy and clear of things like bikes, buggies or scooters - to make sure escape routes are clear, in the event of a fire.
  • Letting us know if maintenance is needed in your neighbourhood - especially if we need to deal with anything that might cause an accident.  


Our standards for looking after communal areas/improving your community

  • We'll keep the grounds we own around your home, and any communal areas, clean and well-maintained.
  • We'll publicise our cleaning and grounds maintenance specification of works.
  • We'll work with you to understand and respond to concerns and priorities in your community.
  • We'll encourage and support you to get involved in improving your community.
  • We'll keep you informed of our activities in your community.
  • We'll work in partnership with you and other agencies to keep the neighbourhood well-maintained and safe.
  • We expect you to keep your garden tidy and not dump rubbish.


Getting involved and influencing communal services 

  • We'll encourage and support residents to get involved and to influence how we deliver services and make improvements.
  • We'll have a Scrutiny Coordination Group that scrutinises how we deliver services and achieve value for money.
  • We'll make sure that you're consulted on key changes to services.
  • We'll tell you what we've done in response to your feedback and what we've changed as a result.
  • We'll keep you informed of any progress but also expect you to keep in contact with us until it's resolved.
  • Where we've successfully taken action and resolved a case of anti-social behaviour, we may publicise the results.