Donna with adapted shower

Aids and adaptations case study: Donna

Donna lives in Hampshire with two of her children, Arron and Jack.

She was diagnosed in 2012 with Fibromylagia, a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body, and now struggles to move around.

One difficulty Donna faced was getting in and out of the bath.

After a visit from her Housing Officer, it was recommended that she speak with an occupational therapist about what would make life more comfortable for her.

The occupational therapist passed on her recommendations to the local council and after a visit from them, Donna applied for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

Once the grant had been approved, a contractor for Sovereign spent a week installing a walk-in shower, which includes a seat for Donna to sit on whilst she showers.

 “The workman was friendly and we didn’t suffer much disruption,” said Donna. “One of my sons used a friend’s shower and my other son and I just washed at the sink.

“Once it was finished, we were shown how to use it - it’s suitable for everyone.

“I feel safer now that the shower has been put in – before, I worried about taking a bath when no one else was in the house in case I needed help but I don’t have that problem anymore. 

“I didn’t know anything about the disabled adaptations and grants that were available – I would never have been able to afford to have the changes done myself.

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was – I didn’t really face any challenges. I was really happy with Sovereign and the whole process.

“I would really encourage other people who think they need some extra help to get in touch.

 “The adaptations have majorly improved my life.” 

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