Leasehold and shared owners

Leasehold and shared owners

As a leaseholder or shared owner your property is managed by our Home Ownership team. We have three teams who look after these properties in a particular area. If you are interested in shared ownership, please visit our Sovereign Living website for available properties.

Leasehold team

The team

So who can you talk to in your area about your lease?

Management fees

Service charges and Management fees

Information about why we charge service charges and management fees, and how your fees are calculated.



Information on the maintenance policies, services, skills and people - along with safety advice and top tips to help you with the upkeep of your home.

Leaseholder responsibilities

A lease is a legal agreement or contract between you and the person who owns your house or block of flats. It explains both parties’ rights and responsibilities.

Shared owner responsibilities

Shared ownership is a simple, affordable way of owning a brand new home without taking out a huge mortgage.

Buying shares in your home 

Staircasing is the process of buying some or all of the remaining shares in your shared-ownership home. Find out more