Sovereign ID badge

New uniforms and vans as teams join up

Since the merger with Spectrum in November 2016 we’ve been delivering services to residents through two in-house teams: Sovereign Response and Spectrum Property Care.

We announced last year that we’d be bringing these together as one team, under the Sovereign brand, with a single management structure from spring 2019. Now you should start to see your usual Spectrum Property Care tradespeople in new ‘Sovereign’ black and blue uniforms. Graphics on the Spectrum Property Care vans will also change from this month. (Similar changes from Sovereign Response to Sovereign will be more gradual as new staff join us and vans are replaced.

Although we still use contractors for some of our repairs and maintenance work, part of the rationale for the merger was to be able to bring additional work in-house, letting us focus on delivering a more efficient service for our own residents. Making it easier to see that we’re all part of Sovereign is one part of that.

Please remember to ask for identification if someone visits you and claims to be from Sovereign or one of our contractors, especially if you’re not expecting them. Trades directly employed by us should have a Sovereign ID card, branded uniform and van. If you have any doubts, you can contact us to check.