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How our service is improving

Since 2012, Sovereign Housing have made tackling Anti-social behaviour (ASB) a priority and we've been working continuously on improving our ASB service for residents. Our performance is measured on customer satisfaction on how we handled the case and the final outcome of the case.

In 2012, the satisfaction was at 76.9% satisfied for the way the case was handled against a target of 82% and it was recognised that we needed to improve. 

We have improved our service by consulting with residents, looked at customer feedback, set up delivery plans and new strategies, delivered dedicated training to staff, developed relationships with external partners and had regular ASB officer meetings to share good practice and developed a consistent approach in all cases.

Since 2012 we have achieved the following satisfaction levels:-

  • 2012-2013-76.9% satisfaction for the way the case was handled
  • 2013-2014-76.2% satisfaction for the way the case was handled
  • 2014-2015-74.5% satisfaction for the way the case was handled
  • 2015-2016-78.5% satisfaction for the way the case was handled
  • 2016-2017-85.19% satisfaction for the way the case was handled

  • "Done quicker than expected- K in ASB kept her informed at all times with several calls and was really helpful."
  • “Very pleased with the outcome and that it’s all resolved now.”
  • “Really felt supported and very grateful for the help - R was amazing, very supportive and nice and easy to talk too."
  • “The people who she complained about that was smoking heroin have been evicted."
  • "Mrs B advised me she is very happy with the result."
  • “Very pleased.”
  • “Couldn't ask for better from Sovereign. A massive thank you to Sovereign as we now have our happy peaceful neighbourhood back."
  • “Mr F was very happy with the service he received from his housing officer R.”
  • “I am satisfied now as things have quietened down a lot since the mediation and a few times I've bumped into the tenant in question and he has asked if his music is too loud so things on that front are getting better.”
  • “The lady that dealt with everything was amazing honestly I couldn't of asked for better.”
  • “Things have quietened down the last few weeks so I am satisfied thank you.”
  • “Nothing else has happened since so yes very happy.”

We thought you be interested in some of the cases our ASB officers and staff have been dealing with over the last year


Closure order

Tenant evicted from Exeter Flat after property closure by Devon and Cornwall Police 

The tenant of the flat was evicted after Sovereign housing worked with the Police in obtaining a 3 month closure of the property in January 2016. There had been reports of drug dealing, drug taking and associated ASB that was severely impacting on families that lived in the block of flats. During the 3 month closure, Sovereign Housing obtained an eviction.

Injunction obtained banning 2 people from all sovereign properties

2 individuals had been identified by Sovereign staff and the local Police for targeting vulnerable residents in the Newbury Area specifically, Sovereign residents. An injunction was obtained banning the two individuals from all Sovereign properties and from entering any Sovereign land. This prevented further harm being caused to vulnerable residents as well as respite to the neighbouring residents.

Tenant evicted from over 55 scheme after causing problems for elderly  residents

After reports of drunken behaviour, noisy visitors, arguments and fights, the Newbury office obtained an eviction at an over 55 scheme in Newbury. Despite efforts made by the housing officer and ASB officer, the tenant failed to engage with the support that was offered to help him so the court granted an eviction order which was completed in August 2016.

Bristol Office obtains injunction to restrict number of dogs in flat

The tenant had been previously warned about the number of dogs they had in their flat after the constant barking was causing problems for the neighbours. Despite numerous interventions, visits and warnings, Sovereign Housing were left with no other option but to apply for an injunction to restrict the number of dogs the tenant was allowed to have in the flat. As part of the conditions of the injunction, a positive requirement was put into the injunction to make sure the tenant engaged with  support that was available to them. The tenant was restricted to being allowed to have one dog and since the injunction was granted, the complaints have stopped. 


Cannabis factory

Cannabis factory discovered after Housing officer estate walkabout

A housing officer working from the Bristol office noticed a strong smell of cannabis in a block of flats when conducting an estate walkabout. The officer contacted the Police who entered the flat to find 25 mature cannabis plants with a street value of over £25000. Notice was served in the probationary tenant who, after realising he would be facing eviction, gave notice on his tenancy.

Injunction obtained on 11 and 14 year old in Oxford region

An injunction was obtained against two young people. Despite interventions by the Police and Sovereign staff, the behaviour continued and escalated including hate motivated behaviour. The two young people are now the subject of an injunction which restricts their behaviour and they face further consequences if the order is breached including arrest.

Good neighbour agreement signed by 4 households in Newbury

Working with West Berkshire Council, Newbury housing officer and ASB officer successfully got 4 households to sign a good neighbour agreement after a number of complaints had been received about the behaviour of members of the families. There had been ongoing complaints for a while and all families signed the contracts.

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts signed by 2 Residents in Theale

ABC’s were issued to two neighbours in Theale after complaints and counter complaints were made by both households. There had been many months of arguments and disputes between the households which were reported to both the local Police and Sovereign Housing. Since both tenants have signed the ABC’s there has been no further complaints.