ASB case review - what is it?

If you feel that an anti-social behaviour (ASB) incident has not been dealt with effectively, you can ask for a case review.  We will make sure that your case has been handled fairly and reasonably.


We want to provide homes and neighbourhoods where people want to live. So dealing with ASB is a priority for us, and one of the most important services we provide.

Who can ask for a case review?

You can ask for a review if you are a Sovereign resident, or if the case you want reviewed involves a Sovereign resident, and is in the last 6 months:

  • ASB has already been reported on 3 separate occasions, or
  • You have reported ASB which is affecting 5 or more people (not all from the same household), or
  • You have reported a hate motived incident, or
  • You have reported 1 or more incidents of domestic abuse

How does it work?

Simply complete the the online form

online form  

We will check that all requests for review are not malicious, prejudice or unreasonable before getting in touch to discuss the next steps. We aim to complete all case reviews within one month, if not sooner.

ASB case review flowchart

 You can also make a request by getting in touch with our customer service advisors.

Can I appeal if I don’t agree?

There is no further review or appeal once the ASB case review has been carried out.  If you remain dissatisfied with how we have handled your ASB case, a complaint can be made through our complaints procedure.