Advice and support

Tenancy Support

If you need help with managing your money or claiming welfare benefits, our tenancy support advisors are here to help. Please contact us if you'd like more information. 

Who can they help?

Our tenancy support advisors can help:

  • If you've been affected by changes to the benefits system including moving on to Universal Credit
  • Or if you're concerned you may not be able to pay your rent and need some help with budgeting

What can they do?

Our tenancy support advisors can help you create an action plan which meets your needs and helps improve your financial situation.

The types of things they can support you with include:

  • Helping you manage your money and maximise your income
  • Advising you on what benefits you could be entitled to, how to claim them and what to do if you’re experiencing problems
  • Giving you information about accessing support agencies within your community (for example, Citizens Advice)
  • Giving you information on specialist debt and money management agencies
  • Referring you to our employment and training team