Paul and Tracy

Paul and Tracy's story

Paul and Tracy have been Sovereign residents for over 11 years and currently live in Basingstoke. Unfortunately two years ago Paul was made redundant and found himself struggling to find work. 

Paul 35 and Tracy 32 talk about their experience and the support they received from Sovereign. 

Tracey explains: ‘I’ve been out of work since having the kids and when Paul found out he’d been made redundant it was a real shock. With us both out of work and Paul recently being sanctioned by Jobseekers for missing an appointment, we were really struggling to pay the bills.

We contacted Sovereign about the problems we were having and our Housing Officer helped by offering us some food vouchers. When I went in to pick them up we got chatting about how we were looking for work and she quickly put us in contact with our local Employment and Training Coordinator, Lorraine Hartung.

I quit my job as a chef when I had the kids because the hours just didn’t fit around childcare. I explained to Lorraine that my youngest was starting school and I was thinking about becoming a teaching assistant. 

Lorraine helped me to investigate possible training and I am now clearer about what I want to do. I’m looking for a placement where I can train one day a week and work four, which will be perfect for me. 

Paul talks about his situation: ‘Being made redundant from my job as a Warehouse Supervisor was really hard and I struggled to find work. One of my main problems was that nearly everywhere wanted an online application and I just didn’t have access to a computer and wasn’t very good with technology anyway.

Lorraine helped me to improve my IT skills and got hold of a refurbished laptop for us. This has been a lifeline for me and very quickly after I managed to find employment. It was just a temporary position but it really gave me a boost and helped me to see that I could get a job! I then went on to secure a permanent position working in a warehouse that is just around the corner. 

I am really enjoying the work, learning new things and meeting new people. Lorraine has also helped me to look at building my skills for the future and getting a forklift license which will open up more possibilities for me.’

Tracey added: ‘The help we have received from Sovereign has been amazing. Living isn’t such a struggle, we can afford to heat the house and feed the family. Plus our family life has improved because we all get on better and don’t get under each other’s feet so much!’

"This has been a lifeline for me and very quickly after I managed to find employment"