Resident Stories

Cohen's story

Cohen, 20 from Newbury, finished college in August 2013 and was unsure about what to do next. By working in partnership with Novus, Sovereign helped him to secure an apprenticeship placement.  

“I had been studying at college for three years to get my qualification in Carpentry. When I finished I was keen to find a job, but it was so difficult. Even with my qualifications everywhere seemed to want experience too.

“My sisters had moved out of our four bed house and because of all the benefit changes, me and my mum downsized to a smaller house. Our Housing Officer came out to visit us when we moved and this was when mum said I had been looking for a job. They passed my details on to Gez Bentley” explains Cohen.  

Employment and Training Coordinator, Gez Bentley, is part of a dedicated team set up by Sovereign to help residents work, earn and learn.  

Cohen added “Gez helped me to think about my choices and I decided an apprenticeship was the right choice for me. He helped me to fill out my application which is something I find difficult with dyslexia and when I was accepted for an interview he helped me to prepare.

“I have since started my college course doing a painting and decorating apprenticeship and go to college for this one day a week. The rest of the week I am learning on the job doing things like decorating empty homes and the exteriors of houses.

I am really grateful to Sovereign, Gez and Novus for all their help as without them I wouldn’t be where I am now.” 

“I decided an apprenticeship was the right choice for me”