Claire's story

Claire, 28 from Bristol had been a full time single mum for nearly three years. When her son Shaun reached nursery age and Claire discovered she was pregnant with her second child, she started to think about her future. 

Claire told us “My Employment and Training Coordinator gave me the confidence to explore some of the ideas I had. I always wanted to work in health and social care, but investigating the qualifications I needed wasn’t easy. He helped me to look at my options and find a course that suited my lifestyle.”

With the help of her Employment and Training Coordinator Claire found an Open University course and accessed a learning grant to support her. 

Claire added “It has been really great to have something to focus on. The course works out perfectly, as when my children start school I will be finishing my degree and ready to start work. I am now so much happier about my future and feel much more secure.” 

“I always wanted to work in health and social care”