Bohfanta's story

24 year old Bohfanta has lived in Cranbrook, Exeter, since January 2013 with her son Mandjou aged 2.

Bohfanta tells her story: “I am originally from West Africa, but I was living in Paris before I moved to the UK to be with my boyfriend. Unfortunately we split up and I was then living in Exeter city centre in a bedsit with Mandjou on my own. I had to be independent which was hard when my English wasn’t good.

“Now that we are settled, I wanted to think about our future. When I moved in I received the Sovereign&you magazine and noticed the article about help with learning and finding work.

“I called up and someone put me in touch with Lorraine, who was brilliant. She helped me to find an English language course and to look at my childcare and travel options.

“I am now into my one year English Foundation course at college and I am so happy. I feel less isolated because my English has improved, I have met new people on my course and I am more confident about finding work in the future. I have even completed my driving theory and booked my test!

I plan to study further so I can work in childcare and hope that in two years everything will be even better. Thank you so much to Lorraine and Sovereign!”.

“I feel less isolated because my English has improved”