Resident Stories

Employment and training residents' stories

We’ve asked some of our residents to share their own personal stories.

Resident Story Paul and Tracy

“This has been a lifeline for me and very quickly after I managed to find employment”

Paul and Tracy have been Sovereign residents for over 11 years and currently live in Basingstoke. Unfortunately two years ago Paul was made redundant and found himself struggling to find work.

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Resident Story Peter

“I’m definitely going to carry on my business”

After 35 years of working in a sheet metal factory Peter retired and was looking for something new to turn his hand to. His idea for a new enterprise ended up taking him all the way to a pop-up market set up by Sovereign in Newbury.

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Resident Story Bohfanta

“I feel less isolated because my English has improved”

24 year old Bohfanta has lived in Cranbrook, Exeter, since January 2013 with her son Mandjou aged 2.

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Resident Story Cohen

“I decided an apprenticeship was the right choice for me”

Cohen, 20 from Newbury, finished college in August 2013 and was unsure about what to do next. By working in partnership with Novus, Sovereign helped him to secure an apprenticeship placement.

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Resident Story Claire

“I always wanted to work in health and social care”

Claire, 28 from Bristol had been a full time single mum for nearly three years. When her son Shaun reached nursery age and Claire discovered she was pregnant with her second child, she started to think about her future. 

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