Don’t lose out to scams

Around 80% of households receive nuisance phone calls and bogus door to door callers every year, with the British public losing an estimated £1.5 million to scams in 2012. 

Make sure you protect yourself:

  • Ask the visitor to come back later, if they are legitimate they won’t mind
  • Ask for ID, look for a branded van and check their uniform
  • Never give out money or personal information
  • Do not mention that you will be on holiday or away from your home
  • If you are unsure about the visitor do not invite them into your home
  • If you are in any doubt of a caller you can contact Trading Standards on 01224 523737 or the Police on 101. In the event of an emergency you should call 999


  What to expect from Sovereign:

  • Our callers will always have ID available to show you
  • You can contact us to check a caller or visit
  • Our staff will usually make an appointment before they call
  • If you do not believe it is Sovereign on the phone, you can hang up and call us back
  • Take down details of the caller; ask for their name and where they are from


If you have any doubts about a visitor or a caller from Sovereign then please contact us.