Swapping your home with another resident

If you’re already a resident with us, you can swap your home with other social housing residents through HomeSwapper. HomeSwapper is an online mutual exchange service which lets you advertise your property and find someone to swap with. It’s free to use for Sovereign residents, and could be quicker than waiting for a transfer.

How does it work?

  • Register your details on the HomeSwapper website and wait for ‘match alerts’ to be sent to you. Think about the affordability of homes you're interested in.
  • If you find a home you like, complete our mutual exchange application form and we’ll let you know within 42 days if it’s been approved.
  • In order for your swap to be approved, you will need to make sure you are ‘mutual exchange ready’.

Are you mutual exchange ready?

Before you can swap homes, you’ll need to speak to all of the landlords involved and ask for their approval to exchange. They then have 42 days to approve or reject the application (from when they receive applications from all residents involved).

All of the landlords need to agree they're happy for the swap to go ahead before an exchange date can be finalised.

What do I need to do?

Before applying to all of the landlords for approval to exchange, you should check the following:    

  • I have an assured or fixed term tenancy.
  • My rent account is clear.
  • I don’t owe any former rent, court costs or recharges.
  • There’s no active Notice Seeking Possession or court order against my tenancy.
  • There are no repairs outstanding that I haven’t reported.
  • My home and garden are in a clean, tidy and good condition.
  • The people applying to move into my home are suitable for it.

Once your application has been received, your property will be inspected. You’ll need to make sure that we can easily view all rooms and walls. Please take down posters and pictures and move large furniture away from the wall. Before the inspection, it’s a good idea to have a look at whether your home is up to scratch and, if needed, spend some time putting things right.

We won't be able to agree an exchange can go ahead if the property’s not in a good condition.

Checking the condition of your home


  • All existing kitchen units and worktops should be in a reasonable condition (clean and with no chips or scratches).
  • Cupboard doors should be fitted correctly and the handles should be secure.

Bathroom and toilets

  • The bath, basin and toilet should be free from cracks and stains, with plugs and chains attached.
  • The taps should be clean and in good working order. 

Flooring and staircases

  • Floors, staircases, banisters and handrails should be sound and free from damage.

Doors and windows

  • Front and rear external doors should be sound and secure. 
  • Windows should be sound and secure. Keys should be provided for windows with locks.  
  • Internal doors should be in good order and any missing or damaged doors should be repaired or replaced.


  • Skirting boards and door frames should be in good order. 
  • All wall surfaces should be in a good state of repair.  
  • Any graffiti should be removed.


  • All gardens should be tidy and free from any personal belongings or hazards.
  • Any ponds should be filled in.

Electrical items

  • If you've used your own light fittings, and don't have a certificate of installation from a professional contractor you'll need to return them to their original condition.


  • If you have repairs that are our responsibility, please report them to us before we visit.


  • Please provide our written permission for any alternations or improvements you've completed.

Before you move

  • When it’s time to move, you'll need to make sure your home and garden, including loft space and garages, are free from belongings and rubbish.