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STAR survey - the results are in

As well as gathering other forms of feedback, we carry out a STAR survey (Survey of Tenants and Residents) every few years. At the end of 2015 we sent the survey out to 13,000 residents, and had our best response rate ever – a fantastic 36%. And we’ll be carrying out our next survey in spring 2018.

The survey gives you a chance to tell us what you think about the quality of your homes, repairs and maintenance, how well we listen and act on issues, and how well we look after the neighbourhoods where you live. These results, added to the feedback we collect from a range of other methods throughout the rest of the year, give us real insight into how satisfied you are and what really matters to you.  

While we recognise there are areas where we can do better, we were really happy with the results of the last survey with most services improving since the 2013 survey.


 The results

Satisfaction overall 80%
Neighbourhood as a place to live 85%
Listen and acts on views 64%
Value for money service charges 61%
Quality of your home 82%
Repairs and maintenance over all 73%
Value for money - rent 77%

Providing good homes and neighbourhoods

Providing good homes and neighbourhoods is an important area for us and we’re happy that satisfaction increased from 2013. We received lots of great comments about our neighbourhoods – satisfaction levels are among the highest achieved by similar sized housing associations.

Maintaining your home

You’ve told us that repairs are a priority for you, so we’ve been working on ways of making this service more effective. This includes quicker and easier ways to make appointments and more regular, useful updates about any work we carry out. We’re also able to complete more jobs now on the first visit.

Listening and getting it right

Overall, we provide a good service but there’s always room for improvement so our involved residents carried out an end to end review which led to us making various changes to the way we handle complaints.

We were also pleased there was a significant increase in satisfaction levels from the previous survey, but we’d still like them to be higher. We collect feedback from customers who use different services and follow up on anything outstanding. Our Resident and Board Partnership also monitors performance and, along with our Scrutiny Coordination Group, help us to continue making improvements.

Here’s what you want us to focus on

Providing well-maintained homes will always be at the heart of what we do but here are some of the other things you want us to focus on:

Star Survey results