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Spotting what needs to change...

Residents give us lots of feedback through our real time calls when they’ve used a service and suggest improvements.  Here’s what changed as a result of what residents have said:

Residents feedback:

  • Resident: I wasn’t happy with the outcome of my complaint and wanted to chance to take part in the independent review. Sovereign’s policy doesn’t automatically offer me that option to be involved.
  • Sovereign: Whilst we often offer residents a chance to get involved, it doesn’t happen automatically. We agree that we need to be clearer around this and we have amended our Complaints process. From now on, if we can’t resolve a complaint and we carry out an independent review, we will offer the resident an opportunity to take part in the review. If, for any reason that would not be appropriate, we will clearly record the reason for our decision.

  • Residents: Defects (repairs to new properties) take too long and I don’t always know what’s going on with them. 
  • Connect team: From November our Connect Contact Centre team advise our Technical Advisers (the officers who work with our Developers on new estates) as soon as a defect goes past it target date and they chase up the Developer.  We also contact the resident then to let them know what’s happening.

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  • Residents: Repairs were not all done when we moved in
  • Property Services: We’ve changed our process so we visit every relet property within 5 days of the resident moving in and will pick up any minor repairs then

  • Residents: When we moved in we didn’t know how to use the appliances
  • Property Services: We make sure you have instructions on how to use appliances when you move in but will also go through how appliances work if you need it when we visit (within 5 days of your move) 

  • Residents: When we were going through an exchange I didn’t always know what was happening
  • Housing Services: We now have several new Mutual Exchange Co-ordinators and they are being trained in November. Part of the training will be around keeping the resident informed all through the exchange and what they can expect.

  • Residents:  I need more information around how my complaint is being handled and what you’re doing – keep me informed!
  • All departments: Whilst our Complaints process makes it clear that residents should be contacted and kept informed throughout the complaint, residents have told us that this wasn’t always happening. We’re tracking this issue and taking it up with the relevant team to make sure we’re keep residents involved.