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Resolving complaints

We received an average of 41 complaints for every 1,000 homes. We try hard to offer good quality services, but sometimes things go wrong. We recognise that to deal with complaints to a high standard we need to understand the problem, put it right, apologise and learn from our mistakes. 

Last year 55% of residents who had made a complaint told us we’d handled it well – but we still have a way to go. This is why we’ve made this service a priority for improvement. 

Residents have told us the most important thing is to have their complaint resolved quickly and efficiently.

So what are we doing?

  • We’ve brought in a new Complaints Policy, which is based on feedback from residents and our Regional Panels. 
  • We’ve stopped issuing standard letters – instead, we talk to residents who’ve made complaints.
  • We keep listening and talking to residents about the things they’re not happy with – taking action, and learning from what they tell us.
  • We’ve trained most of our employees in how to deal with complaints quickly and efficiently.We've used the comments from the residents who made a complaint to us during the year to better understand the process they went through.