Transferring homes through HomeHunt or your Local Authority

If you don’t want to swap your home, you can still look at moving by applying to transfer homes.

Transferring to another Sovereign property through HomeHunt

Does a change in circumstances mean you need to move home?

If your situation could be improved by moving home, then you may be able to transfer to another Sovereign home. This is known as an ‘internal transfer’.

All of our residents with an assured or fixed term tenancy can apply for a transfer through HomeHunt, an online property allocations system which advertises the homes we have available.

However, priority will be given if you're:

  • Being impacted by the bedroom tax
  • Living in a home which is overcrowded
  • Needing to move due to a medical condition
  • Having difficulties in affording your current property
  • Wanting to move to an older person’s home
  • Needing to move for employment purposes
  • Your fixed term tenancy is coming to an end and you need to move

Right now, we’re advertising homes in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and West of England.

To register visit:


For more information, see our factsheet or get in touch. Residents in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, West of England or the south can also email:

Transferring home through your Local Authority

You can register for a transfer through your local authority, and they will assess your circumstances.

Once you’ve registered you’ll be able to bid on available homes through their choice-based lettings scheme. The schemes are different in each area so contact your local council for more information.

You can apply for a transfer as long as you have an assured or fixed term tenancy agreement with us and have been living in your current home for more than 12 months.