Sovereign residents

About your tenancy

Your tenancy agreement is the legal contract that describes your rights and responsibilities (as the tenant) and our rights and responsibilities (as the landlord).

It also sets out the rent and service charges you need to pay for your home, and tells you about the services you can expect from us.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your tenancy agreement. 

Fixed term tenancy agreement

A fixed term tenancy is an assured short hold tenancy which lasts for a set amount of time. We grant fixed term tenancies for five years.

If you’re new to social housing you’ll need to successfully complete a one year probationary period before your tenancy becomes a fixed term tenancy. If during this year you don’t stick to the terms of your tenancy (for example paying your rent on time and not behaving in an anti-social way), we may need to extend your probationary period for up to 18 months, or we could end your tenancy. If you successfully complete the probationary period, your tenancy will automatically continue on to a fixed term tenancy of five years.

This fixed term tenancy factsheet explains in more detail.

Assured tenancy agreement

This is a ‘lifetime’ tenancy, which usually gives you the right to remain in your property for the rest of your life, as long as you keep to your side of the tenancy agreement.

From April 2016 all new residents will be given a fixed term tenancy. However if you already have an assured tenancy with us or another landlord, you’ll normally be given another assured tenancy.